Sunday, May 19, 2013

Monday, April 01, 2013

Well Zion and I "shredded" today....meaning we did Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred DVD.... at least 1/3rd of it!! haha Hey, it's a start!! We couldn't make it through her entire workout this time... it's been a while since I've done it and he never has.

We've been trying to eat healthy REAL food as much as possible, as little processed junk as possible and today we started working out together. We're trying to make sure we're in decent shape to finally go on our long awaited Disney trip in September!! I didn't like what I saw in my Easter outfit yesterday (Bleck @ my belly!!) so I'm VERY motivated to workout again now!!

My boys have very mixed reactions about us working out in the living room, Lincoln jumps around and thinks he's doing it, too.... and Garrison sits on the couch or floor and looks scared with a poochy lip the whole time!!! LOL So funny!! I can't wait to be in better shape, have more energy to keep up with these little characters that the Lord has blessed us with. They're so fun!!! And seriously exhausting!! ;)

Anyway, that's all for now. Here's the yucky picture that motivated the workout intensity!! It's not my favorite, but it's the most current family pic (yesterday!) that we have!! :)

Friday, March 15, 2013

Well "yesterday" was a crazy day. Had a PC show and on the way was driving in my neighborhood and saw a group of probably 30 kids cheering on a fist fight. Jumped out of my car and yelled for them to stop it, and a couple of them started heading my way, so I announced loudly that I was calling the cops as I got back in my car... they seemed to think better of coming my way anymore and decided to break it up a bit. I called the cops and followed the group of 30ish kids in my car from a distance while talking to the 911 dispatcher. All the while being yelled at and cussed out for following them etc. The dispatcher assured me that they were sending cars so I headed back over to the "scene of the crime" where there had been another adult in the middle of the all the ruckus trying to stop it. Turned out she was an old friend of mine from my Holiday Inn days, we're practically neighbors!! Anyway... that was crazy. Time for me to move back out to the safety of my property!!! :P Can't wail till that can actually happen!!!

On a side note, the Pampered Chef party is currently sitting as my second best EVER so far.... and has the potential to become my best so far. :) Yay!

Sunday, February 24, 2013

I have not posted or even LOOKED at this blog in simply AGES... been super busy keeping up with my two crazy, energetic, adorable boys!!! I have decided to start posting again, but the focus of it will be slightly different. I will most likely still share antidotes of what happens in our day-to-day lives.... but also, I'm going to post about the journey my husband of 12+ years is on (again)!!! When we said our vows, he was probably about 20 pounds overweight.... within 6 months of getting married, he had ballooned to an impressive 300 pounds!!! Yikes! I'm not really sure if I was that good of a cook, or if I was that BAD of a cook so he was sneaking fast food before I fed him dinner or what.... but either way, it happened. And it happened fast. And it's stuck around.

He has tried many diets and been semi successful with some of them... only to gain the weight back that he lost and then some within a few months of stopping the diet. The last time he had major weight loss was over 6 years ago when he did the Weight Watcher's program. At that time, he was in a competition with his brother to lose weight so he was taking it very seriously. They had a bet going and whoever got to their goal weight first, was going to be given the "pot" (They were each putting $5 a week into the pot). Things were going very well for both of them until Thanksgiving that year. After Thanksgiving, it all went downhill.

He has recently been given an incentive by my brother to lose the weight again.... my brother has pledged to donate $5 per pound once he reaches his goal. My Dad has also jumped in on this little game. (If anyone else wants to "sponsor" him, the more $ he has the chance of getting, the more motivated he is going to be! haha) His goal is to lose 100 pounds or get down to 230. He's a big boned guy so at 230 he should look and feel pretty good!!! :) His 4 year old and 2 year old sons would both like to keep him around for a while, and I'm rather fond of him myself, so we've got to help him get healthy somehow!!!

My sister is a personal trainer and has given us some healthy eating tips and workout advice, and we're working on a whole "lifestyle change" and creating a new "normal" routine. He'd like to lose the weight within the year (we're not going Biggest Loser or anything because he's also got to pay the bills so he doesn't have 8+ hours a day to dedicate to working out! haha) but he'd be thrilled if he got it gone in 6 months or so.

Anyway, wish him luck. Thanks for reading!! And we'll keep you posted!!! :)

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Well it's been a very busy, hectic few days uP in Mansfield. PWe're making some real Progress on getting the store setuP, though, so that's a PLus!!! (The first day I wasn't sure we could POssibly do it all by our oPEn date of the 20th, now, PI think there's a chance!!! haha The first day we didn't get much done at all because we could barely make hide nor tail out of the setuP instructions!! hehe) We're currently back in PLima packing uP all our stuff so we can move uP to our rental house in Mansfield today. =) Very excited about that!!!! =D Well, I've got alot to accomplish and not alot of time, so I'll POSt again later....

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Yesterday we drove to Mansfield to receive our truckload of shipment for our store!! There were over 20 pallets to unload... including the fixtures which are HEAVY!!!! :) Thankfully we have some great friends who came down and helped us out or we would have never made it in the two hour deadline!!! We're still not sure when we actually can move down for the season, but we're gonna have to get there soon to get the store setup and ready to open on the 20th!! Please pray for a miracle for us!

Monday, October 10, 2011

Well the PASt couPLe days were Pretty crazy... we went to the zoo, we had church then went to the Pumkin PActch for a hayride and to Pick out some PUmkins... then came home and had a bonfire with the family before HeeP and Becca and their kids headed off to West Virginia this morning and Zion and I head for Mansfield (still in OHIO this year!!!) this evening. (Well, Zion's already there actually, but I'll be going this evening to helP unload our TRUCK!!!!!! ACK!!! We have an inline store this year so we have an entire semi truck of shiPment comingP!!! YIKES! hehehe) =) We had alot of fun and got lots of really cute PICtures, here's a samPLing.

(For those who don't understand what's with the nutty uPPercase "P's" in this POSt, my comPUter was squirted with saline solution by Lincoln while I was on a date with Zion for my birthday and ever since then, every time I tyPE "P", it's uPPercase!! Plus, everytime I hit shift, it puts in a "P", too.... very strange and slightly annoying, but I guess that's life with an onery 2 year old boy in the house. :) You have no idea how many "P"s I've deleted in the POst to make it legible!! LOL